Thursday, August 8, 2013

Recipe for a prolonged buzz.

   This is the inaugural post for this blog. This actually started off as a text post written for, one of the precious few subs on Reddit that I deem tolerable. I wrote so much that I thought "Why not start a blog?". So I did.

   I have tried a lot of things over the past 15 years in order to get and maintain the warm and fuzzy feeling you get after the first couple of beers, or a good stiff drink. I've tried various combinations of different types of beer and liquor, different cocktails, wine etc. All of them get me to the inevitable end a little too fast, and pacing myself is such a chore.

   Two weeks back, I started a diet that cut all soda and sugary sweet juices out of my diet. Couple with that that I've been watching Parks and Rec and Californication recently, and it dawned on me. I've never tried to drink hard liquor neat, or on the rocks. So I did, and on the first try, neat, it was gross. Next I tried it on the rocks. It got easier to drink as the ice melted, but still it was a harsh way to begin the night. So I eased in with 3 light beers, a drink o dark rum, about 4 ounces over 3 ice cubes, then a light beer or two after every drink.

   The light beers prepare my palate for the robustness of the alcohol, and kickstart the buzz. The hard liquor, between the flavor and the alcohol content, slow me down naturally, that is to say, that I do not consciously choose to drink slower, while maintaining a buzzed state. The beers in between the drinks, serve to refresh me, as I do much of my drinking in hot and humid places with no air conditioning, because I live in the tropics, where we are rich in beautiful weather and women, but lack monetary wealth.

   I reached my zen place. I have found that I can now drink for hours without sacrificing lucidity, or getting bloated. Best of all, no hangover.